Mauritius – Pamplemousses botanical garden

Pamplemousses Botanical Garden is a part of Eden and what can Eden have but the most beautiful beaches, people gentle as a breeze, exceptionally high global peace index… Here you will not be welcomed only by the field of giant water lilies, exotic palm trees and twisted branches but with spice fields, the lake with ducks, turtle and reindeer as hosts, as well there are small slopes around where you can take a blissful nap.

Reunion Island: volcanoes and sharks

I am situated in the Indian ocean, one step away from Mauritius and three from Madagascar. I am 63 km long and about three million years old. Oh, how my past troubled me. Inside, I constantly feel the pulse of an angry volcano. I was discovered by the Portuguese but in the end, the French adopted me. Now, I am France, in the middle of the Indian ocean. Volcanic eruptions shook me many times, one great epidemic ruled over me.  I don’t even want to mention sharks whose hobbies are attacking surfers and swimmers. However today, dear reader, I am telling you a story of what makes me so interesting. No, it’s not Bourbon Vanilla, everybody knows that she smells nice and that she made me popular centuries ago.  And no it’s not the rum what makes me fascinating. Let me introduce myself more clearly, my name is  Reunion Island – AN ISLAND OF A REAL ADVENTURE . Today, I’ll talk about sharks and my pet volcano Piton de la Furnez.

Cape Town stories: Bo-Kaap, suburbs dipped in rainbow

Here I am in the colorful suburbs of Cape Town. The whole village is a palette of bright colors. The houses are all lined up, one pushed against the other, just like little layered cakes. The street consist of cobblestones and the restaurants are savory chambers where smells of cumin and turmeric stun you as you pass them by.

In this suburb, there are many things located that are of ancient history such as a couple of centuries old museum and the first mosque ever built in South Africa. Here and there you can see the natives chatting on the porch in front of their house while tourists hide behind their cameras to capture every single moment of the beauty. What can I say, except, welcome to Bo-Kaap!

Thames- London’s blue jewel

I love rivers because they hold secrets of the city, share joy and exhale melancholy. They connect people, scatter tears, devastate and dread, but before we indulge in this royal river tale, I would suggest you listen to the link below. The composition ‘Water Music’ by George Frideric Handel is the most powerful music performance able to present the strength, caprice, charm and quiver of this river, so put your headphones on and dive in.

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