Thames- London’s blue jewel

I love rivers because they hold secrets of the city, share joy and exhale melancholy. They connect people, scatter tears, devastate and dread, but before we indulge in this royal river tale, I would suggest you listen to the link below. The composition ‘Water Music’ by George Frideric Handel is the most powerful music performance able to present the strength, caprice, charm and quiver of this river, so put your headphones on and dive in.

Finland- a winter fairy tale

I was born in a place where in spring bears wake up from their winter dream and come out from their caves into the wild, where wolves wander the mountains on frosty winter mornings, where the most beautiful cherry buds flourish in spring and where rivers revive during summer and early autumn. It seems pretty clear I love all seasons, but in the past couple of years, I capture myself wishing for snow; wishing for that mystique atmosphere of white streets where a snowy blanket illuminates the night.

Reunion attention … volcano eruption

Reunion is a French island in the Indian ocean illustrated as a little stain between Madagascar and Mauritius. If I could portray it in any three words I would pick: vanilla, sharks and volcano. Reunion, the island which is stationed on one of the most active volcano points on planet Earth, a place which hides plantations of Vanilla Bourbon that go for miles and where sharks have the freedom to lurk from shallow water.

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