Seychelles: The land of our dreams

If you fantasize about turquoise ambient, walks through tropical gardens, voluptuous women with flowers in their hair, powder coated beaches, a blithesome feeling and a sense of harmony-welcome to Seychelles. The island is a preserved jewel, intact by man and isolated for a long time. It may be that, exactly because of the lack of man’s arrogance, did the nature of this archipelago bestow such eccentricity, uncommon to any other on the planet. Here are some reasons why Seychelles may change your perception of beauty:

1. You, me and the beach

When we mention Seychelles, we initially think luxury, alluding on perfect sandy beaches and fancy hotels. Luxury is, in fact, hidden between the granite rocks of nearby beaches where you can find yourself to be entirely alone. Therefore, privacy is this island’s biggest luxury. If you, by chance, decide to rent a car during your stay, you’re in an excellent position to treat yourself to a “private beach” every single day, from the very morning all the way to the romantic and magical Seychelles sunset.

2. Heaven on beach

Every beach on Seychelles is a little piece of paradise. You should try and explore as much as you can. It is questionable what is more breathtaking and pleasurable; gazing upon the horizon and the blue of the Indian ocean from the beach or observing curved palm trees that sway in the wind while floating on that perfect thermal water.

3. No nosy salesman

If you are craving for a serene vacation, where you’ll shop for souvenirs when you feel like it, Seychelles is perfect for you. The only thing imposing on your peace and quiet on one hand, could, on the other, be significant to your senses. A casual cocktail here and there, exotic fruit, freshly squeezed juice, or maybe some raw coconuts cut and served right in front of you could blow your mind.

4. Seychelles National Botanical Garden

Must see! When the road leads you to an exotic island you cannot miss their botanical garden. This one in particular provides many exclusivities of the island, one of them being the dioecious plant Coco de Mer (Lodoicea maldivica). Bring yourself a table cloth and a picnic basket for in this garden you can lie on the grass, walk and relax as much as you want. Behold the harmony of nature as her beauty and purity rejuvenates.

5. Kot Man-Ya Botanical Garden

The host of this garden will let you touch whatever flower you want and will tell an interesting fact or myth about it. You will end your tour with the chance to taste fresh juice of passion fruit and a bouquet of striking tropical flowers in your hands. This place provides that expensive intimacy where you can explore, with or without family, this inspiring garden, enjoying interesting stories told by your guide who inherited this paradise from none other than his mother.

6. Jardin du Roi Spice Garden

Caress the petals of the cotton flower, savor the fulfilling aromas of vanilla and cinnamon, pick cocoa beans from the tree, explore the fragrant part with various therapeutic herbs and seek for the Takamaka tree. You can also visit the guest house which holds many stories about customs, interior decorations and a couple of lectures in history.

7. Tortoises

Aldabra giant tortoises are a species of tortoises salvaged on this island who you’ll encounter every step you take; in botanical gardens, the spice garden, on the beaches, near the restaurants, everywhere. Children find them very amusing for they are so big and sluggish. You can touch, feed or even hug them.

8. Find time to visit some if not all 115 islands

You will enjoy the underwater world and learn about the history of the island if you go diving. For example, the island Ille au Cerf is a small island that used to be a prison, and because everything is perfect on Seychelles, even the prison looks heavenly despite how contradictory it sounds. There are a lot of cruise offers but you should choose ones that intrigue you the most.

9. Paradise, even for the palate

For every gourmand out there, this is a magical place mottled up with different shades of cultures that reflect on the cuisine of this fare island. Beautiful women in silk burqas, Chinese restaurants, a taste of France and the spirit of Africa as well as many tourists from all over the world give the island such a cosmopolitan charm, there is not a chance anyone could resist it. Pick tropical fruit, enjoy various seafood, feel the exotic flavors in your mouth, and don’t be surprised if you see food wrapped in banana leaves.

10. Victoria

Victoria is the capital city of Seychelles. In the center there is a tower with a clock (like a small version of Big Ben), modern architecture, an Orchid garden, museums, a port and a lot of art studios. You can also visit the Island of Birds. The souvenirs you can buy are fascinating, from coconut oil and expensive seashells to colorful scarves and handmade copper objects.

And for the end: go to a local pub, have a cocktail or a beer with the local folks as your sight wanders on the open sea and slowly drown into the sound of percussion. If you want an extraordinary wedding, or just to renew your vows, Seychelles is the place to be.

You may experience multiple feelings by coming to Seychelles, but every single one of them will take your breath away because here, you’re walking on sunshine.



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  • There was a movie shot in Seychelles that came out in India years ago – Papa Kehte Hain. I was a teenager when I watched the movie, and still remember the gorgeous locales and the beautiful music that was part of it. I’ve wanted to go to Seychelles ever since. As if the exotic beaches were not reason enough to visit, you give me plenty more reasons. I would love the botanical gardens and the giant turtles! 🙂

  • Hi The Girl Next Door.
    My main intention was to introduce Seychelles not as exclusive but rather as a unique and enchanting destination. You can find there a lot of interesting places, not only an extraordinary beaches. And yes, indeed, women from Seychelles are especially beautiful!
    All the best,

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