“Believe in unicorn” is a family travel blog and divine universe that combines colour, scent and adventure. It consists of educational and emotional stories of faraway cities, exotic islands and all other fascinations the author experienced during her travels.

She finished the Faculty of Economics in Novi Sad and got a postgraduate degree. At the moment, she is upgrading her academic title by working on her second Master’s thesis, in Manchester, England. So far, her hard work has made great influence on her career in fields such as banking, engineering, telecommunications and media. Love for writing is something she is truly passionate about, apart from being completely dedicated to her family and career.

“Believe in unicorn” is a treasury filled with memories from all over the world and it serves as a capsule which keeps all those memories in one place. Beside travelogues, there is going to be a lot of interesting and unusual trip articles to look forward to. Stories about the lushes flora and fauna, different customs and lifestyles, monuments, dangerous but thrilling safaris and many more. Every story is specific and carries a valuable lesson from various fields of science. That said, apart from personal impressions, this blog also has an educational and informative purpose. Most of the stories are inspired by the wonderful experiences the author had with her family. These texts are her interpretations of those unforgettable journeys.


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