Mauritius – Pamplemousses botanical garden

Pamplemousses Botanical Garden is a part of Eden and what can Eden have but the most beautiful beaches, people gentle as a breeze, exceptionally high global peace index… Here you will not be welcomed only by the field of giant water lilies, exotic palm trees and twisted branches but with spice fields, the lake with ducks, turtle and reindeer as hosts, as well there are small slopes around where you can take a blissful nap.
The exotic flora of this island is its trademark, and it is even symbolic in the colors of the flag of Mauritius. Namely, the red color symbolizes independence, the blue divine Indian ocean, which is a true bait for tourists, the yellow is a symbol of a glorious future and a mild sun, while green is a symbol for the lush vegetation of the island.

Giant water lilies- Victoria amazonica

What makes the Pamplemousses Botanical Gardens special are water lilies. Never before have I seen a field of floating water lilies and their glorious performance on water. The scene is enchanting. The leaves are circular in shape, and look like large green bowls floating on water. These are giant lilies, with a diameter of 2 to 3 meters, which you can easily turn into a dance floor if you get a sudden inspiration to become a part of this great performance. They are known as Victoria Amazonica and their place of origine is the Amazon River. Gigantic water lilies as well as giant turtles on Mauritius Island are becoming an endangered species because there are snails to which these lilies are a favorite dessert. In one season, this plant produces up to 40 leaves. The best time to see this impressive lagoon in full glow is from December to March.

Džinovski lokvanji- Mauricijus

This little tropical paradise near Port Louise is the oldest botanical garden on the southern hemisphere. Long ago in 1736, there was a small garden with vegetables. Over time, adventurers, botanists and travelers brought plant species from the various parts of the world to this garden. Today, the Pamplemousses botanical garden covers an area of 33 hectares. Several times has had the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden an honour to be chosen as one of the most beautiful in the world. Over 650 different plant species live in the garden. Baobab tree, medical herbs, 85 kinds of palm trees…In the garden of spices you will feel the smell of camphor, cinnamon, nutmeg…Not to mention the smell of the Champaca Magnolia or Joy Perfume Tree! It will saduce you !

Pamplemousses botanička bašta
Mauritius , Pamplemousses botanical garden

Since this island is famous for exporting sugar beets, Pamplemousses botanical garden in Mauritius has a replica of the first sugar mill on display. This mill for the processing of sugar cane used the power of oxen. It consisted of 3 vertical rollers and was built in 1953. Now it seems primitive, but in the 1950s it fully met the needs.

mlin za preradu šećerne trske

Geiger Tree

In the garden there are also famous giant turtles, but also deer who met with Mauritius in 1639 when they were brought here from the Java island in Indonesia.
I would also single out Geiger Tree from Boraginaceae family, origin- tropical America. This tree painted my memory of Mauritius in forever orange. If you go to the island around Christmas holidays, you will be welcomed by orange streets. The lush crochet of this tree makes beautiful orange tunnels through which we rode, absorbing all the beauty of the island.

And now, let us enter the world of Eden through the photos of this magical botanical treasure.
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Pamplemousses botanička bašta
Pamplemousses botanical garden, Mauritius

Pamplemousses botanička bašta

Pamplemousses botanical garden, MauritiusPamplemoussesbotanical garden, Mauritius

Pamplemousses botanička bašta
Pamplemousses botanical garden, Mauritius
Giant water lilies, Mauritius


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