Mauritius – Why everybody loves it?

Eight million years ago, following consecutive volcanic eruptions, the island of Mauritius emerged above the waves of the Indian Ocean. The records testify that the island was intact by human hands until the first explorers, coming from Portugal, stepped onto the island in the 16th century. The curious and adventurous human nature led the Dutch, the French and the British to the sparkling sand of Mauritius. After years of dominance, Mauritius finally became independent in 1968, when the state became a republic.

Republika Mauricijus
Welcome to the Republic of Mauritius!

Today, on this small island (2045km2) live over a million people who speak different languages among which the most dominant are French, Bhopal, Creole and English.
Now let’s look at the words of Mark Twain, who seemed to be concise but right to the core when giving his impressions of this island:

‘Mauritius was made first, and then heaven; and that heaven was copied after Mauritius’.

Mark Twain was so right, and this would be our short elaboration of the beauty of the island:


Turquoise, the ruler among the colours on the island. The kingdom of this ruler is abundant in a wonderful colour palette of azure blue, cyan blue, aqua blue, royal and midnight blue….endless number of blue in the kingdom where the waves are rare visitors to the tamed waters. This is the first impression, the color of the ocean is joy for the human eye and remedy for the human soul.


The Island of Mauritius is the first exotic island we have been on. How I perceive exotics? Priceless! Something that does not require any additional beautification. Parks, streets and beaches of this island are of genuine beauty. The beaches of Mauritius are almost untouched and unspoilt. Look at the treasure given to the chosen ones.

Plaža, Mauricijus
Beach, Mauritius


There are beaches on this island where the sunsets leave you breathless. Flic en Flac- the beach offering you a new experience of watching the sunset along with a magical game of colours in the sky. The sky over Mauritius is a unique one. Put it on your what-to-see wish list.

Flic en Flac, Mauricijus
Flic en Flac, Mauritius
Flic en Flac, Mauritius, Sunset

Exotic plants

As I have already said in one text  (SEYCHELLES: THE LAND OF OUR DREAMS),  botanical gardens of the exotic islands are not to be missed. You do not need to love flowers to experience pleasant atmosphere of such places. If nature reveals itself to you, and it does it here, you will feel a special kind of closeness to it. Apart from enjoying the view of the beautiful tropical plants in the Botanical Garden of Mauritius, you let your hair down by the lake watching ducks swimming and deer enjoyng the fresh air. Pleasant – maybe that would be the right word for the atmosphere of this botanical garden. The Mauritians often visit the garden in order to take a nap there, smell the grass and stare at the sky while the wind brings the scents of tropical flowers or spices in turns.

Botanička bašta Maricijusa
Mauritius National Botanical Garden
Botanička bašta
Pamplemousses, Botanical Garden, Mauritius

Fish specialties

If you like eating fish and fish specialties, here you will have the opportunity to try the best. It often happened that we asked for the same fish we had ordered the previous day and we would get the answer: “Sorry, but we haven’t caught that one today“. So, you eat only fresh fish that tanned fishermen catch for the day. We recommend a fish called Dorado.

Sounds of the island

Listen to the sound of calm waves, make a splashing sound with your feet while walking through the shallow water, unwind and enjoy the music of Mauritius. Sega rhythm is a dominant one here. It was created by the slaves in the past. Apart from the popular dance floor, you can hear and see different variations of the seggae rythm. These sounds will always stay with me…whenever someone mentions this island I hear that exact music in my head.


“Seven Colors of the Earth”

This is an attraction that is not allowed to be left unseen. The miracle of nature is located in the hilly village of Chamarel. Due to the effect of the volcanoes, moisture and other chemical elements, the soil is not monochrome there. Believe it or not, seven different colors can be distinguished on this part of the island (red, brown, violet, green, blue, yellow and purple). The place itself deserves a special attention and soon, you will be reading the text about this enchanting sight.

7 boja zemlje
Seven Colored Earths, Chamarel, Mauritius

Giant turtles

The inhabitants of the island are also giant turtles. You can meet them on several places on the island. One of the places is the attraction of “seven colors of the earth”. They can also be found in the Botanical Garden of Mauritius. In the park  LA VANILLE NATURE PARK there are over 1000 turtles in the area of 3.5 hectares. Do not miss the chance to meet Aldabra turtles.

Aldabra džinovske kornjače, Mauricijus
Aldabra giant tortoise, Mauritius

Ille aux Cerfs Island

Our recommendation is to visit the island of Ile aux Cerfs. When you approach the island, expect a perfect sight. The colorful island in vanilla cream colour surrounded by the rulling turquoise, is waiting for you. On the way to the island there is a rich world of birds, so visiting this island will also provide learning facts about flora and fauna not heard before. There is also a large children’s playground, and the whole surrounding irresistibly resembles the adventures of Robinson Crusoe with the notorious pirates (Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defo).

Visit the whole island

This island in the middle of the Indian Ocean is one small dot on the map. It is so small that you can visit it at no time at all. A warm recommendation is to rent a vehicle. Namely, not all beaches are perfect with white powdery sand and lots of greenery (the reason why Mauritius is called the greenest paradise island) but there are also those who are stone and rocks. It is good to remember that the southern side of the island is not recommended for swimming due to strong currents and large waves.

However, you can enjoy the picturesque fishing villages and lush vegetation there, while driving on winding roads through which you occasionally collapse like in the 4D cinema … There are wonderful plantations of sugar cane, tea, rice, tobacco and coconut. We also visited Port Louis – the capital of the island. Adventures around the island will help you create a complete picture of Mauritius and understand the island’s diversity and distinctiveness.

Port Luis
Port Luis, glavni grad Mauricijusa


Corals and cruises

This island is coated by a large coral reef. Thanks to the ridge, the water of the ocean near Mauritius is crystal clear and there are no such terrible creatures like sharks. There is a wide range of possibilities for cruising. We chose to be alone on a small boat that had a glass bottom. Through the glass bottom, we watched playful colored fish in the coral maze.

Local islanders of Mauritius

And for the end, a bit of information about the mentality of the inhabitants of this island for which you will love the island even more. They are all calm, ready to help, and always look like they are hiding a smile. The average lifespan of the inhabitants is over 70 years for men and over 75 for women, which is in the ranking of highly developed countries. Of course they will have such life expectancy considering the fact that the inhabitants of this island absorb all these beauties everyday. They turn into festivals all important religious holidays where everyone is joyful.

This is a multireligious island as well, with Hinduism, Islam, Christianity deeply ingrained in the lifestyle. What really fascinates is the fact that Mauritius is one of the few countries that is not involved in any international conflict. It is also alleged that on this island there is almost no conflict or possible tension with its neighbors. They do not even have an official army!

Wise, isn’t it? Who needs tension when a serene life with a view over the shore, enjoyed lazily under a palm straw hat, is far better for all of us?! Hope I have pictured you, my own way, why Mauritius is the destination for all those who carry and share love with the others!

Skulpture od peska, Mauricijus


“Believe in unicorn” is a divine universe that combines colour, scent and adventure. It consists of educational and emotional stories of faraway cities, exotic islands and all other fascinations the author experienced during her travels.

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  • Hi Nisha. June is perfect for holiday at Mauritius. Low humidity, warm sunshine and little rain. Have a great holiday. 🙂

  • Tanja, what amazing photographs! Such a beautiful place, so many different colors of earth and beautiful water, looks like a very inviting and fun place to visit!

  • Oh Tanja where can I get the cheapest airline ticket? Sign me on! Wow so gorgeous. Just loved the pics. So amazing the colors of the land. Wow looks like it was painted. So glad you got to experience this. I cannot wait to see what your next post will be about.
    Is it expensive to stay there?
    in peace and gratitude, ariel

  • Hi dear Ariel, we had a flight from Johannesburg to Mauritius but it was 3 years ago.
    Thank you very much for all compliments.

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